ZIZ – Game Jam Prototype Download

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There’s you, your craft and a giant ancient worm with cool yet probably deadly lights that you have to destroy. ZIZ is Landfall Game’s Shadow of the Colossus inspired third person dogfighting game where you only go up against bosses, finding their weak-points and focusing fire on it to defeat them.

Since this is a prototype made during the IGJAM16 in Gamescom, we only have one boss to fight but also gives us a great idea on the direction the game will take, if development continues. The low-poly art style alongside it’s visual effects are beautiful, the gameplay is smooth and exciting as you battle a huge boss all the while listening to some nice music that’s somewhat in sync with what’s happening in the game while playing.

Download the game jam prototype build here.

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.

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