Yan’s World, Alpha Demo Download

Yan’s World, Alpha Demo Download

Yan’s World is a 2D pixel art styled puzzle platformer, with an alpha demo you can download over at its Kickstarter page, that’s being developed by People Pleaser.

The story begins with your character, named Yan, who falls asleep to what he expects will be a usual night. Unknowingly to him, his rival, King Cloud, cannot fall asleep and decides try to steal Yan’s sleep in order to solve his insomnia. Yan, now rudely awakened from King Cloud’s sleep extractor, heads off to see what King Cloud is up to.

Each level you encounter in this game is built like an obstacle course where you must think of the solution before progressing in order to take the least amount of damage.

If you enjoyed playing the demo and would like to support this game’s development, you can head over to their newly launched Kickstarter Funding Campaign , with a goal of $20,000, where you can get future beta access to the game if you back it at the $45 tier or higher.

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