Yandere Simulator Published by tinyBuild

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Recently, there was a new video uploaded to Yandere Dev’s youtube channel and a new press-release post on tinyBuild’s website declaring the partnership of the two.

tinyBuild joined Yandere Dev to help with the creation of Yandere Simulator. Both the video and the post give information as to what they will be doing in the near future for Yandere Simulator’s development. First, they are going to create a development team, with Yandere Dev as the Design Lead to help with the game’s production value. After that, Yandere Dev is going to be putting his full time into one of the game’s rivals, Osana, to get her added to the game. Once that is complete, they plan on using one of tinybuild’s previous marketing models from Hello Neighbor, where either they will use Kickstarter to crowdfund the whole game or sell the game as an early access title in an alpha state, or use both, and provide the game with the budget needed to finish the game.

There isn’t much information as to what will happen past that point, but based off of the current plan, it looks like Yandere Simulator is going to get the attention it needs to help finish it’s development.

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