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Xenosis: Alien Infection, a game built by NerdRage Studios Ltd. is a top-down action adventure survival game set in a sci-fi setting where you play as a “deep space” salvage hunter that discovered the remains of a startship known as the “Carpathian”, which was thought to be destroyed in a mission dating back fifty years ago.

After playing with the available demo, I found that the gameplay felt very smooth and the tutorial explains everything you need to known to start playing and exploring the ship. You’ll enjoy destroying loot boxes to gather resources from and craft items that you’ll need to survive. The game is decently challenging, where to survive you’ll need to monitor your oxygen and battery levels which decline over time, so you’ll need to find more of them to continue on your survival quest.

You can think of the game as a big maze with a puzzle inside of it that you need to solve, like having to find key-codes to unlock certain doors and be able to save your game. Aside from that, the story is quite good where you’ll find journals as you explore the ship, giving you more insight about the whole story.

Regarding the enemies you’ll be facing, their artificial intelligence is good where you can take the stealth approach, staying undetected in the dark while they search randomly, but then they’ll turn on the light, find you and then chase you down. The sound is thankfully good and will not annoy you at any point during your play session. I’m pointing this out because I recently tested a game that had a horrible robotic sound that I could not bear after playing it for ten minutes.

With all the good qualities and fun factor the game provides as mentioned above, Xenosis: Alien Infection is a game I’ll find myself playing for many hours to come.

Download the pre-alpha build on itch.io.

Vote for the game on Steam Greenlight.

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