Whiskers & Wags, Alpha Demo Download

Whiskers & Wags, Alpha Demo Download

Whiskers & Wags Cleaning Co., a 2D platforming action cleaning combat game, gets an alpha demo you can download over at its itch page, one that’s developed by AW0.

You’d think that this game is some sort of a hack n slasher or fighting game, but it turns out to be a game that makes cleaning your house so exciting that you might actually brake something in your home, as you try to copy how the feline main character in the game (Don’t).

In the game you’ll be able to crouch, jump, dash and attack the living dust out of your home furniture, as you defeat dusk creatures along the way.

On a side note, the main character, Twinkelen, looks adorable! You can follow the game’s developer by checking out and following the developer over at their social media Twitter account.

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