Worlds Of The Future, Alpha Sign Up

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Worlds Of The Future will have an alpha demo that you can download and play when available, and you can sign up, to either be one of the first to receive it or at least be notified of its public release, by subscribing to its newsletter on the it’s website, as well as being notified of its future release as an Early Access title.

The game is being developed using Unreal Engine 4 by game developed Moon Men Games, an open world sci-fi adventure game that’s set in the year 2500, that focuses on starting and growing your very own delivery company.

In this colorful futuristic world, you’ll encounter alien species, robot gangsters, cyborg mobsters, space pirates, evil sentient robots and everything alike, all with their own respective factions. All factions will try to slow you down, especially if you’re trespassing their territories. You’ll have to plan your delivery routes around these territories if you want to avoid them, or you’ll have to try and improve your reputation with the factions, by completing deliveries for them.

In the open world you’ll be able to explore sections on all the planets and major moons in the solar system, as well as unique locations in the vastness of space. Chill in space bars after a stressful day of deliveries, explore huge cities inside space stations, visit the space casino if you’re feeling lucky, compete in races across the wastelands on planets. Those are just a few examples of what you’ll be able to do in the open world.

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