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I love being in a game world where no place feels safe. The thrill doesn’t end even if you’re crouched in an air duct or hiding in a locker. No matter where you go or what you do, you’ll never find sanctuary in Hanwell. This is a world where you have little to no power, and every situation leaves you struggling to get by. Your adventure begins when someone or something opens your prison cell door and simply walks away before you can find out their identity. You’ll find yourself on constant alert, wondering whether you should watch your back or take a spare moment to check what’s on that desk in front of you.

There is no place to rest unless you find it at the hands of the depraved citizens who have absolutely no reasoning within them and attack upon detection. You may find a way to fight back if you’re resourceful, but when the power is out in most of the city and the doctor isn’t there to help you, it’s not going to be easy. You have no help, you have no one on your side. Even if you manage to get out of the prison, there are worse things waiting for you outside those walls. If you manage to get organized and find a way to sustain yourself, you might even find the time to figure out what’s going on and why no one leaves Hanwell.

Download the pre-alpha demo on itch.io.

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