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The fun with arcade shooters isn’t to get to the end of a difficult game and get a satisfying ending. Most don’t even end at all. The main fun with those type of games is the score and the leader board. The one thing that shows if you are better or worse than the other people who have played the same game. It isn’t just a number to some people. In the new 2D pixellated arcade-shooter W.R.L.D. or World Reconnaissance Elite Defense, you do just that. Fight off wave after wave of enemies to rack up a high score and make your way to the top.

You control a small space ship and your objective is to take out all of the asteroids and enemies that come to destroy your planet. Your controls are limited to throttle, turn left and right, and shoot. Classic tank controls. You will have to master these to be able to survive the onslaught of enemies that are coming to take you out and to keep from crashing into the planet. Once your health runs out that is game over. There are health pickups that appear at the start of each level, but your health will continuously drain throughout the game, so strategic uses of these health kits are necessary to be able to save your planet.

At the end, you score is recorded and put up on a global leader board where you can compare your score to the best or laugh with glee as you take that top spot. This game requires a lot of skill and practice to be able to master the controls and to be able to rack up enough score to become #1.

Download the prototype jam game on itch.io.

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