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It’s been about half a millennia since we’re left Earth (probably because we’ve depleted all the resources, shocker), and the space station Vivarium began researching synthetically pushing forward human evolution. This sounds great except for the 80% mortality rate, looks like having a cerebral transplant is somewhat of a risky operation? Sounds made up, but let’s try it anyway. Even if we survive, we’re basically losing all memories and autonomy. Now we’ve become tools of the Vivarium. What do we do next? Who cares? Not us since we’ve just handed over our existence on a silver platter.

Vivarium is a 2D action game dropping players into a huge problem. Two of these augmented humans have recovered their memories somehow and now they have it in their head (that they’ve recently reclaimed control of) that they can escape the station. Escaping is one objective, but there are also uh, D.I.S.C.O.S. that we have to break too? I can sit here and think of a million things that can be an acronym for but why not make some up while we destroy the crap out of them? So now we’re in control of a Neo-Human named Phazer who has recently remembered what love is and the subject of that affection. We’re going to float around, smash the crap out of everything that tries to kill us, and find out the answer to the question on everyone’s mind: “what is love?”.

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