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When playing a platformer game, it can get very frustrating having to try to make the same jump over and over if you keep missing it, especially if there is a long walk back to the start. Makes some people wish that they could just turn back the clock a few seconds back to the start. The new 2D Platforming shooter, Vision Soft Reset, fixes this problem by giving you just such an ability. You are a cyborg appropriately named Oracle and she is able to see and use time to her advantage. Her suit gives her the power to see incoming attacks from enemies, potential traps and dangers, and what possible consequences that her actions can bring. This suit allows her to also turn back time to a few second previous or back to a specific point. This mechanic is very useful so if you miss a jump or take a hit from an attack that you could still dodge, you can turn back the clock and do it over again, hopefully with a better outcome.

This mechanic makes fighting enemies very interesting as she is also able to see their attacks before they happen. A silhouette will appear showing the exact attack is and where it is going to go. This is a good and a bad thing as fighting a group could become quite chaotic, but it adds to the challenge of the game. If you are successful and able to defeat all of the enemies  without taking any damage, the game rewards you by topping off any missing help and regenerating your rewind ability or giving you an upgrade. Upgrades are very interesting as well. If you get one and have to return to a point in the game previous to gaining that ability, it will stay with you even at that point except for health upgrades. Those will be left behind. This creates a very unique Metrovania style which the game follows faithfully. At points in the game, you could traverse through an entire maze just to get that one ability to get over an obstacle that was blocking your way before, and it completely changes how you go through that area if it requires you go through it again. Vision Soft Reset takes the concept of time manipulation and turns it into a unique story-telling device and creates interesting gameplay mechanic. Besides, who wouldn’t want to turn back the clock every now and then?

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