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We are all excited for where virtual reality technology will take the world of video games. We only currently have to ability to look into video games and have hands to interact with the environment using things like the Vive and PS VR. There is development to let man walk in video games, but there are very few examples currently available to the public. But, what if we get to that day where we can enter a virtual world completely and do whatever we want in that world. Well, in Virtual Wave, we have already reached that goal, but do not mistake. This is a bad thing, a very bad thing. It is the year 1985 and you play as a programmer that is currently working on the cutting edge tech of VR and on an A.I. program. You make a few adjustments to your A.I.’s moral code and it ends up becoming very cross at you. It hacks into your virtual world and plans to use the link from that world to the real world to release all of it’s minions to cause havoc in the real world. As the creator of this rampant program, you can’t just let it do what it wants, can you? So, you enter the virtual world to fight off all of the enemy programs and stop the evils of your creation before it can devastate mankind.

This pixelated first-person shooter is very much like an arcade shooter. You have to survive waves of enemies while picking up coins and power-ups to help with your survival. You kill enemies and they drop coins, which can be taken to the store to upgrade your guns or purchase items that will help you survives. The items range from a healing potion, to a temporary health container, to a devastating nuke. Coins are not the only things that the enemies drop. They also have a chance of dropping power-ups like agility which doubles your speed and bottomless magazine. Should be fairly obvious what that one does. As you near the end of a wave, a boss will spawn that you will have to take down using all of your tools and skills. There are only three guns in the game currently.

You have a magnum, a Spas-12, and an AK-47. These can be upgraded to make them much more useful and have more utility in battle. Feel like your about to die, because that chest you were going for was actually a mimic and ended up biting a chunk out of your health? Think your death is immanent? That is perfectly fine. This is a virtual world. Dying here has no consequence to you in the real world, but you can make your next run a little easier by depositing the coins you currently have into an ATM. This saves them up and deposits them back to you at the start of your next run, so you don’t have to start from scratch. The enemies are fun to fight, the power-ups are awesome, the bosses are challenging, and the combat is fast paced. This would certainly be a game that I would go into and play for hours on end if I could fully enter it. But remember, the world is at stake here.

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