Vesper, Alpha Demo Download

Vesper, Alpha Demo Download

Vesper is an atmospheric 2D adventure puzzle platformer that gets an alpha demo that you can download over at its Steam store page, developed by Cordens Interactive.

Play as a small android that crosses a fallen world a thousand years after the activation of the Vesper protocol.

You have to run for your life trying to escape from merciless machines, ones that are trying to take over Light and decide the fate of all races.

Inspired from 90’s atmospheric platformers with a modern twist, stealth options and puzzle solving mechanics.

There are some frantic chases where you have to escape from the clutches of these machine, and make quick decisions till you sneak through enemy lines to reach your objectives.

A compelling story with unique abilities, like using the Drive gun to absorb and store light from light sources to use later in the game.

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