Valhalla Hills – Alpha Access

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We aren’t getting much of settlers type of games so when we do get a new one it’s always welcomed, and Valhalla Hills is definitely a great one. Viking themed where you’re banished to Earth to build and earn a lot of honor in order to get into Valhalla, and to do that you’ll have to explore, strategize, build, optimize and survive.

It’s a really easy and simple to play game with beautiful visuals and just gives you a sandbox of an island to build and progress your vikings to go to the next island through a portal that guarded by Golems where you either fight them to pass through by force, or appease the gods by offering a sacrifice to pass through peacefully. You also play and progress through the game in a map where you move in a vertical fashion instead of your average flat level.

Get access to the alpha with the full game here.

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