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A bear and a girl go on an adventure solving natural and mysterious puzzles in a strange world in an attempt to restore the flora of a deforested land. Here is the basis of Unspokin, a third person adventure puzzle title by 5horsemengames. The beginning finds Cairenn, a young girl in a clearing with a bear that’s half buried in the mud. The bear has clash marks on its face, particularly around the eyes. It has been blinded and seems to have given up on life. Cairenn brings a fish to feed the bear then pets it to show that she’s not hostile. The bear then willingly follows Cairenn on her quest to bring nature to the land that has been largely drained of it.

Cairenn may not be able to speak, but she can whistle and find ways around obstacles to keep the bear at her side. Together, they form a symbiotic relationship, where the bear has a reason to keep going on, and Cairenn has help traversing the land as she plants foliage in its starving soil. Even with the deforestation, the land isn’t lacking in obstacles. There are ruins and mysterious structures that dot the landscape of this wondrous world, in addition to the other human-built fences, structures and more that obstruct the duo’s progress. Navigating through debris, rocks and thorns, Cairenn surveys the area looking for a way to get her and the bear through. Once she finds a method of clearing a path, she employs the bear’s strength to push down drawbridges and hold down stone switches that allow her to pass through to another zone where she can look for a way to clear a path for the bear.

Download the student game on itch.io.

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