Undergrave – Alpha Download [Mobile: Android]

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Trying to find a phone game that’s worth playing is hard, I deal with that too and heck i usually delete games after playing them for about an hour or so, but lately I’ve played Undergrave which is a 2D adventure platformer with a great pixel art style, a game that mixes alchemy and fighting where you play as a mage venturing inside a dungeon, fighting enemies and crafting potions with materials that drops from those you defeat.

Honestly I think it’s a good mobile game, one with a great visual sense, a fitting dungeon-themed soundtrack, and a strong desire to keep going deeper inside the dungeon and and fighting enemies, surviving as long as you can. As a hardcore gamer, this game is definitely worth playing and keeping it installed on your phone for future short play-sessions.

Download the alpha on Google PlayStore.

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.

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