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Grab your revolver and head indoors; ol’ farmer Jim is protecting his home from a horde of angry demons.

In Under the Farm, you play as Jim Howard, a farmer discovered the a horde of demons built a dungeon under his farm. Seeing as these demons are killing his crops, Jim picks up his gun and heads into the dungeon, ready to kick these demons off his property.

Under the Farm is a top-down shooter roguelike. The game tasks you with exploring the dungeon underneath the farm and expelling the demons. The enemies fire in proper bullet hell fashion, with tiny little projectiles littering the screen. However, Under the Farm is a bit more generous with its health than other roguelikes, allowing you to get hit six times before you die (without any upgrades, at least). However, as is roguelike law, after you die you must restart everything. The game does well to equip you to fight the oncoming horde, giving opportunity for new items and upgrades a plenty. Revolvers and bombs aren’t the only weapons used to kill demons.

The maps in Under the Farm are procedurally generated, meaning you’ll never experience the same one twice. This feature both freshens multiple playthroughs and challenges the player by not letting them memorize the layout. Also throughout the levels are NPCs who will give you side quests, providing an extra challenge in addition to the gauntlet. These quests send you to a room filled more more enemies than normal ones, but if you complete the quest, you’ll be rewarded. Side quests become a strategic play: do you attempt to complete the quest and get that extra bit of gold to buy a useful item, or do you not take the risk of death?

Under the Farm is a challenging and addictive experience. It is one that is bound to frustrate, but also satisfying. It’s also a free download.

Download the prototype on itch.io.

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