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uHot is mix between SUPERHOT’s time mechanics and visuals and Unreal Tournament’s  base gameplay. Created by ModDB user Darkness for the #MAKEITSUPERHOT Competition, it uses the UT99 engine with some slight changes here and there to make the models look like the glass people in SUPERHOT as well as makes the bullets much more visible, so you can take advantage of the time slow mechanic.

As anyone who has played Unreal Tournament would know, it is usually a fast-paced FPS that can sometimes be hard to see what is going on at times. The implementation of the time mechanic is used very well here. It is the same as SUPERHOT where movement causes time to march freely, but if you stop moving everything will slow down to a point where you can dodge the shots. The bullets for the base guns have also been modified so that they are much easier to see and make it possible to dodge some of them. It is a very simple change to the game, but it makes it so much more fun. Not a lot better than placing several shots perfectly where it will kill several enemies and watching as giblets fly in every direction.

Download the prototype jam game on moddb.

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