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The #MAKEITSUPERHOT Competition hosted by ModDB and the creators of SUPERHOT has finally drawn to a close after months of various entries. They have all been judged and coming out in 2nd place for the competition was ModDB user Tero Piipponen’s ÜberHot. This take on the popular game SUPERHOT, has you playing as a hero that has to go out to save a Nigerian Prince from his kidnappers. In return for his rescue, he is willing to give you $1,000,000, as long as you give him your credit card details as well.

This take on the game changes things slightly. It is a pixellated 2D top-down shooter where instead of slowing down time when you stop moving, it stops this completely. This allows you infinite time to take stock of the room, the enemies that you are facing, and what resources you have available to you. You have a limited amount of ammo in your gun and if you run out of bullets, you better find an ammo crate or you will have hard time taking down the Prince’s captors. You also have the option to dodge roll to get out of the way of incoming bullets and help you get a better angle on your enemies. Take one shot and you have to start back at the start of the level, so you have to be careful.

Another tool that you have are the enemies themselves. They aren’t the brightest bunch, so if you happen to be low on ammo you can trick them into shooting each other, saving you a round or two. There are specific levels that will start you off with no ammo whatsoever, so trial and error is never a bad thing. With the top-down perspective, it allows you to keep a good eye on the room and ÜberHot has an interesting color shift whenever you are in an enemies sight. This makes it so that if you are in danger, even from a threat you can’t see yet, you will know it immediately. The music going along is nostalgic and reminiscent of old chiptunes and perfectly goes with the feel of the game. Plus, there is nothing cooler than running into a room, taking a shot at each enemy present and rolling out of there, dodging the oncoming fire and watch as they all go down simultaneously.

Download the #MAKEITSUPERHOT prototype jam mod on moddb.

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