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Tracks is a very cute game by Dr.Whoop that’s all about building train tracks. The player uses intuitive controls to make winding and intersecting tracks out of very simple wooden parts. When the track is complete, or whenever you feel like it’s complete even when its not, you can hop into the train and ride around in it. The art style and music are clean and well polished, with the controls making sense after only a few minutes of practice.

The game is still in early development so there isn’t much to do yet, but the art and gameplay seem to offer an excellent foundation for features to come. Dr.Whoop’s twitter page is furnished with recent development updates showing off new features, like robust collision with physics objects and objects that can be placed in the environment. The main menu has a “challenge” section that seems empty at the moment, which may be teasing a gamemode with goals and constraints coming soon. Perhaps in the future we can expect casual strategy elements to be built on top of this peaceful sandbox game.

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