Total Lockdown, Demo Download

Total Lockdown, Demo Download

Total Lockdown is a first and third person online battle royale shooter gets a free demo that you can download over at its Steam store page, where you can also buy it for rounded-up price of $10, developed by Panzar Studio.

What’s unique about this game is that it’s set in the top floors of giant skyscrapers, an epic multiplayer action shooter where you fight with whatever weapons or gadgets you can snatch up, as you trick other players with cool tactics.

A cool feature is that you can go into Total Lockdown, and traverse the map vertically, as you fight with an arsenal of over 40 weapons and auxiliary devices, starting with classic firearms to then gain access to unique exotic pieces of weaponry.

Enjoy a battle royale with over 100 players battling it out on the 24th floor, where only one hero will emerge in this intense battle.

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