Too Good For School, Alpha Demo Download

Too Good For School, Alpha Demo Download

Too Good For School is a 2D action beat ’em up RPG made by O.T.K Games. A demo of the game, which is in its alpha state, is available for download on Steam.

You’ve just been released from juvenile prison and are attending a school swarming with gangsters in the busy city of Swinster. Chose the path you take as you rehabilitate into student life. Meet new people, get into relationships, and take your friends out to restaurants, bars, night-clubs or any other place the city has to offer.

Lead a violent life on the streets as you beat up people trying to hurt you and complete various quests, while attempting to juggle your student responsibilities such as going to class, the gym, and the library to complete different tasks and earn unique skills. With various different customizable weapons and move combinations, your fighting style will be fun, engaging and unique to your playstyle.

If you think you would enjoy this game, be sure to check out the free demo of the game and keep a look out for the release of the game.

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