TombStar, Beta Sign Up, Game Announced With A Reveal Trailer

TombStar Beta version

TombStar, a top-down shooter with rogue-like elements, developed by Marcus Grambau and Andy Sum with No More Robots as their publisher, that’s set in a western theme world in space.

Enter the outer reaches of the Frontier Galaxy and delve into TombStar, with a 90s cartoonish look, grab your weapon

follows a group of ferocious gunslingers in their quest to bring down the biggest outlaw gang in the Frontier Galaxy and free society from their tyrannical grip.

You’ll be shooting your way through hordes of space scum enemies, as you collect valuable loot and powerful upgrades, as well as a variety of epic weapons.

Sign up for the game’s upcoming beta test by filling up this form.

Set to be released early 2021 ,but it will release as an Early Access title on Steam.

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