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Defense type games are always very interesting and have been one of my favorite genres when it comes to just wanting to play something casually. For these types of games, there is a strategy needed to be able to keep whatever the enemy’s goal is away from them. In the pixellated 2D shooter, Tiny Planet Defense, the goal you are keeping away from them is the destruction of your home planet.

You control the guns that have been installed around the planet’s orbit. You have to keep the swarms of enemies away for each wave. At the end of the wave, you are given the opportunity to upgrade your defenses by purchasing items. There are only three things you can use so far. You have your standard blaster, which shoots a ball of energy at your enemies. It has a quick fire rate, so getting a few of these can easily fill the screen with hundreds of orbs of destruction. The only other gun available to you is a massive laser. This takes a moment to charge, but once it is able to fire it will have a continual beam that you can swing around and damage your enemies with for a few seconds. The last item is a plate of metal. You put this on your blind spots and other unguarded areas to block the enemies shots.

Your planet has a limited amount of health and it cannot be restored after taking damage. The enemies also vary in design and attack. You will have some that will charge right at your planet while others will circle you from a distance shooting at you. You have to be quick on your toes and smart with your purchases to be able to survive the multitudes of enemies that will be coming to take out your home.

Download the prototype jam game on the Ludum Dare website.

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