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After a good night’s sleep, I awaken and survey my surroundings. There’s a big box, some canned food and a flaming crashed airplane next to me. Nothing out of the ordinary, this is a normal day for me. I’m in Alaska, I think, and it’s really cold (shocker), hypothermia is a constant threat looming behind every corner of nature. The way I start my day? I punch a rock or two, maybe slap a tree while I’m at it. This is how I gather supplies I need to craft my survival tools. I could make a pick or an axe, but that’s for people who want to gather goods quicker. Oh, looks like my building skill just went up, I think I’ll spend it on upgrading my special survival skills, maybe getting more wood when chopping trees with an axe. I’m alright running around this place, searching for junk to use or a way to get to civilization, as long as I have mushrooms and stuff to make a campfire with. But the one thing I’m afraid of out here is running into wolves.

I do have some methods for carefully navigating the forest however. My top down camera watches from above the trees, switching angles North, West, South or East if I need to get a better look at something. My inventory space is pretty limited, so I need to make sure I consolidate everything and make a chest at my home base to store a few things. I can gather berries, herbs and other supplies to either eat or craft into something useful like a salve in case I get hurt! I know it seems pretty harsh out here, and it can be sometimes, but this is the life for me. I could scout out for a generator to power the radio station, and maybe follow the power lines and see where they go, but I think I’m ok roughin it out here in the forest. I could get some friends, The Wild Eight to help me out here in multiplayer, but I just need to find enough supplies to make a weapon to protect myself against those wolves though. How did this human flesh get in my pocket?

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