The Slormancer, Beta Demo Download

The Slormancer, Beta Demo Download

The Slormancer is an action RPG dungeon crawler developed by Slormite Studios. The game is in beta and the demo is available to download on its Steam page.

When the evil Solrmancer and his minion decide to take over the world, no one thought someone as devoid of skill like you would become the last hope humanity has against them. As your grandpa once told you “You might not have the talent but you have the will.”

With 3 classes to choose from and more than 200 unique abilities, upgrades, and passives for every class, there is so much to unlock.

Create your own playstyle as every active ability has a skill tree that you can make unique combinations with.

Utilize the powers of your ancestral legacy, allowing you more than 150 element related skills and passives.

Harness the powers of the elements and master fire to summon powerful elementals, ice to freeze your enemies and thunder to create massive storms. Choose between mastering the power of light or shadow. Everything is up to you.

There are 120 unique weapons for every class and even Slorm Reapers to loot. Slorm Reapers are unique and priceless weapons that you can wield to grant you powerful effects that can be leveled and evolved into a stronger form.

You can even find and collect normal, magic, rare, epic and legendary items. Each of the first four items has a completely random property but legendary items have more than 80 unique affixes.

Did I mention there’s an infinite upgrade system? That’s right, infinite. If you didn’t think it could get any better then wait, because there’s also a lot of flexibility with swapping classes, skills, slorm reapers and items you’ve found. This way you can swap between combinations of skills and items and swap your playstyle completely whenever you want!

To top it all off, there are procedurally generated adventures to allow you to hunt down your enemies through 7 different upgradable locations. This ensures you will have a different game every time you play!

If you feel you would be interested in this game and would like to stay up to date you can follow the developer on Twitter.

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