The Signal From Tölva – Beta Access

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Better hurry up and snag beta access to Big Robot Ltd‘s upcoming open world first person adventure sci-fi shooter, The Signal From Tolva, since there’s only a limited quantity available which started at 500 codes, with 100 left as of publishing this article. Although they might refill and make more codes available again if they need more testers to gain more feedback.

With the couple of hours I spent playing the pre-release test build, I came to find myself addicted to the game and had a hard time leaving it to write this article. Beautiful visuals and a great science fiction theme sucked me into playing the game, smooth controls and gameplay mechanics, smart AI and an awesome feeling of being part of a war between factions as you’d see it happen before you, all of which provided me with a refreshingly high amount of fun! The desire to explore its world and discover more about the story, mysterious characters, and challenging yourself by facing enemies with your allies or by yourself is what kept me staying to play more.

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