The Raid, Beta Sign Up

The Raid, Beta Sign Up

The Raid, a first person online multiplayer PVPVE shooter gets beta sign-ups open at its website, a game developed by 84RAID Corporation.

Shoot your way through horrific enemy creatures, from small fries to big boss-likes, as you also go up against other players with the optional hack to screw up their gameplay.

In this grim cyberpunk world, The Raid is a VR tournament organized by the almighty Chiron Corporation, which attracts the distraught lower ends of the population looking for any opportunity to make some money.

The players, as tournament participants, compete both between each other and against hordes of virtual enemies, ascending upwards in a tower with the goal of reaching the top and kill the boss to take home the prize.

The players will fight using a range of unique and customizable weapons, as well as hacking abilities that will allow them to manipulate environments and opponents.

Players will be able to use their tournament rewards to personalize their characters’ appearances.

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