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February 19th, 1964, it was a dark and stormy night (I think), the usually-balmy Maine weather seemed oddly colder than it normally is (or not, I wasn’t actually there). My name is Irvine PI (but not really I’m only pretending), used to be a detective but the story behind “used to be” is something I’ll save for another day (or not).  Life as a PI can be more mundane than you’d think, especially in Maine. My cases never stray far from the typical “is my spouse an infidel” or “find something incriminating on my business partner so I can cut them out of the partnership”. People are selfish, and greedy, and nothing ever seems to be enough for them when they have the whole world right before them, their children.

The Lighthouse is a first person mystery game that puts the player right in the middle of an investigation for Irvine’s missing daughter, Lily. She has been missing for over two years and the authorities have done nothing to help Irvine find his child. You will investigate that dark, foreboding side of Maine that no one in the world would suspect could even exist. As you search for clues around the local areas, you’ll be exploring mansions, forests and more as the layers of the mystery unfold. The game plays a bit like Amnesia: The Dark Descent, in a sense where the player walks around and interacts with the environment in a more realistic pace, examining everything they can and enduring hair-raising encounters. The Lighthouse is a thriller, and that’s exactly what it does effectively, achieving a tranquil yet abrasive atmospheric tension.

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