The Kind Camomille, Alpha Demo Download, Kickstarter Live

The Kind Camomille by Xavier Moiny.

The Kind Camomille gets an alpha demo released on Steam, to give you a taste of what the game would be as the developer, Xavier Moiny, is trying to get funded over at Kickstarter.

It’s an adorable exploration game about kindness, where you play as a kind mouse named Camomille, that has to fill a basket of gifts for her grandmother’s 100th birthday and deliver it to her.

You have to explore this charming forest and discover your surroundings, interact with the wildlife, perform various tasks and acts of kindness.

It has this very cool feature where you can play with directed goals or just explore and be kind all the way without over thinking decisions.

Experience a lovely and relaxing adventure, gliding from one place to another using your small wooden para-glider, where you meet a lot of nice characters along the way that needs your help.

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