The Equinox Hunt, Demo Download, Game Released

The Equinox Hunt, Demo Download, Game Released

The Equinox Hunt is a top-down stealth rogue-lite set in the deep forest where hunters lurk around you. The game was released recently and is available to purchase for $13.99 on its Steam page. A demo of the game is also available to download if you would like to try out the game before purchasing it.

You are the prey running away into the deep dark forest trying to survive the hunters lurking around every corner. Sneak around and hide from those after you as you make your way through the treacherous forest.

Use the environment to your advantage as you hide in bushes waiting for the enemy to pass, or collect items that will aid in your survival, like rocks that can be thrown to distract the hunters or gears that can be used to unlock doors.

There are several factions of hunters cooperating to try and hunt you down: Trappers, Prowlers, Marksmen and Cutters. These factions specialize in different skills to ensure you do not escape. Can you beat the odds and escape the band of lunatics and the forest alive?

If you’d like to keep up to date with the game’s development, or future games from the same developers, then make sure to follow the developers over at their Twitter page.

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