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As a jeweler, Roui had always been fascinated by puzzles or riddles that came along with specific artifacts. The invocation of a mysterious challenge was a part of the job, a bonus in his line of work that he relied on for his well-being. Funny how something you enjoy so much can be sullied by an event that can change your perspective on something, and that’s exactly what happened in The Crown of Leaves. After taking on a commission for a local baron, Roui creates a bracelet for the baron’s bride, only to have it stolen away by an infamous thief known as the Mad Rook. To make things more difficult, the thief is no mortal, but a spirit that delights in playing tricks on the world of the living. Driven by desperation, Roui decides to gather what information he can on the Mad Rook, and pursue the spirit in an attempt to get the bracelet, his paycheck depends on it after all.

The Crown of Leaves is a 2D point and click adventure game with captivating art that creates a very unique game atmosphere. It’s essentially a playable visual novel with a moody soundtrack that laces the world together in a seamless fashion. The game will be played in episodes with alternate endings, and features some RPG elements as well. The world of Shang-La is an amalgam of many things, creatures and technologies. Characters are a mix of different species, and technology is a melting pot of inventions and conveniences from many eras. This mix of elements from many time periods and biological organisms is the foundation of this unique title, and sets the stage for an unforgettable adventure.

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