The Alien Cube, Alpha Demo Download

The Alien Cube, Alpha Demo Download

The Alien Cube is a first person Lovecraftian horror game made by Alessandro Guzzo. An alpha demo of the game is available for download on Steam.

Play as Arthur, a man who’s life is about to change very, very fast.

Investigate dungeons, forests, cabins and other horrifying places to unravel the deep and dark truth that this world is hiding.

Experience nightmarish visions, solve puzzles and collect items as you look into your uncle’s past, the protagonist of the prequel “The Land of Pain”, and find out how the two games are connected.

The game is made with CryEngine 5, boasting beautiful visuals and graphics. The atmospheric soundtrack makes the game feel very immersive, as you explore the beautiful locations this game has to offer.

If you would like to follow up with this game, you can follow the developer on Twitter.

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