Totally Accurate Battle Zombielator Announced While TABS Canceled

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TOTALLY ACCURATE BATTLE SIMULATOR (TABS) is no longer in-development, as the developers have stated on the 1st of April, and TOTALLY ACCURATE BATTLE ZOMBIELATOR (TABZ) was announced and is available to download right now!

Landfall Games found out after extensive research that the market really wants more online survival first person shooter, so they made TABZ with added silly physics! It’s fun, ridiculous, and actually really interesting somehow, and better than a lot of games in the genre despite its current state (Which is finished as one of the developers have stated).

Download TABZ by signing-up on the game’s website. [If it wasn’t clear, this is a cool April Fool’s joke. TABS isn’t canceled, but TABZ is real and you can play it]

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.

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