Swordcery, Alpha Demo Download

Swordcery, Alpha Demo Download

Swordcery is an action-based adventure game of supernatural swords and supernatural powers, which has an alpha demo that you can download over at STEAM. It’s being developed by Temple Door Games.

In Swordcery, you must find a plethora of powerful swords and release their abilities to combat evil enemies.. Your mission would be to put your reflexes to the ultimate test, taking you through dangerous biomes and throwing you against the most fearsome opponents and superiors.

As you play, you’ll gain various unique weapons, discover different intense tricks, increase your “Sword Class”, and venture across dynamically generated chambers. Each weapon you come across is assigned to a “Sword Class”. When you’re heavily outnumbered by opponents, your fighting style must be fast-paced as you strike your enemies down and reduce their numbers. With numerous challenges and weapons to discover, this game will never cease to amaze you.

If you enjoyed playing Swordcery, and would like to keep up to date with the game’s development, then make sure to check out and follow the developers’ Twitter account.

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