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Sometimes, after a stressful day at work or at school, it just feels good to go on a rampage. Taking out everyone that stands in your way. Sword With Sauce is one such game, where you have to take out a select number of enemies using the many tools at your disposal. With all of these tools, you also have several choices as to how you want to go about taking care of them all. You can either go nuts and just cut, shoot, and blow up everyone you meet. You can try to go about it stealthily, not letting anyone know of your deeds and clearing the area. You can also just go through with finesse and taking everyone out in a stylish manner. It is all up to you and your selection of gadgets and weapons that you choose to bring in with you.

The gadgets and weapons are what makes every play though different and gives you a lot of replayability. You could give yourself a lot of mobility by bringing a grappling hook with you or you could still take out enemies while not having to leave cover with a heat-seeking mine. You can bring sleeping darts to knock out your opponents or just a second gun and a grenade to cause a lot of mayhem. It is all up to how you want to play. There are also 3 different modes currently. You have your normal mode, where you just have to take out the required number of people. Ninja, where you have to take out all the enemies, but being detected means that you fail instantly. The last one is survival, where you just take out waves and waves of enemies until you are taken down yourself. You can do any of these in the 3 levels that are currently available. Each level calls for different strategies to complete and can be taken in any way that you want. This promises to have much more customization and levels when the game finally released the full version.

Get and download the alpha on Steam Early Access or GameJolt.

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