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Swimming puzzle games are starting to become my new favorite thing. It’s actually a thing if you weren’t already aware. Swim Out is one of those wicked puzzlers that’s in development for PC and mobile devices. Though this game seems to make more sense as a mobile title, the challenge it presents is just as tantalizing on PC as it would be if you’re sitting on a park bench with your phone or tablet (or on the toilet like some of us). Swim Out has a simple setup that actually speaks much louder within the context of itself if you’re like me. What I’m gathering from this game is that you went into the public pool to play Michael Phelps, but too many noobies showed up and now you want out. Anxiety in games works for me personally, people freak me out. I’m all up in the water with one thing on my mind: where’s the ladder? Each level in Swim Out is set up in a sort of chess-based movement, get from point A to point B way. The player moves through the pool square by square by using the arrow keys. However, each time you make a move, other swimmers will move as well.

There are a few different types of bogeys in this game and I’ll break it down briefly before you smack heads with one of them. The point of Swim Out is to reach the ladder while avoiding physical contact with other people. Yeah, I don’t like being touched irl and I don’t care if this lady is trying to get a tan in a polka dot bikini. This isn’t Crybaby and I’m not trying to mix with squares, you dig? The most basic type of swimmer will swim from wall to wall, practicing their breaststroke. Backstroke swimmers will move once then pause for their next move, giving a one-square delay to their travel route. Some ladies are just dipping their feet in the water, so don’t touch those feet. There’s also a beach ball you can collect and tactically throw at other swimmers to freeze them in place for 3 turns. The game starts slow and easy, and you’re not limited to the amount of moves you can make, despite the counter in the bottom of the screen. As the game goes on, the puzzles become increasingly more difficult, so watch your face.

Download the alpha demo on indiedb.

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