Survivor the Living Dead (Redux), Kickstarter Live

Survivor the Living Dead (Redux)

Survivor the Living Dead (Redux) is a mix of a puzzle solving horror game with tower defense-like action. It’s Kickstarter launched recently with around $3,929 pledged out of its total of $10,500, as of writing this article.

You play as Amber Chaplin, and start out in an abandoned house. You must survive and battle the armies of the dead in this game is inspired by cult horror classic films and games.

This game allows you to earn rewards and learn a bit more every time you die. The reward system makes you want to play more and survive for longer.

Fire deadly precision shots with the Sailfish Repeater, or use the Lemat Revolver to launch a devastating close range attack. In addition, you can combine attacks like the Combat Knives special and backstab to make them even stronger.

When you die or survive the whole round, you will receive tokens. Skeleton keys are given when you survive completely. You will receive more tokens the longer you survive and more keys the higher the difficulty.

Tokens make your weapons stronger and can be used in the slot machine to get temporary special weapons, buffs or items. Skeleton keys allow you to bring new weapons and items into your fights.

If you complete certain specific challenges, you will get artifacts. These can be collected and used across all episodes of this game and you are allowed maximum two.

If you would like to keep up to date with the game’s development, then make sure to check out and follow the developers’ Twitter account.

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