SUPERHOT Quake – Prototype Jam Download

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SUPERHOT Quake is a mod that replaces the visuals and adds the time mechanic that is used in SUPERHOT. Created for the #MAKEITSUPERHOT Competition, it replaces the enemy models and textures with that of the SUPERHOT models. There are currently three custom levels where you have to fight through the hoards of enemies that stand between you and your goal.

You start out with a shovel. You can use this to smash the enemies faces in or you can use it to slice through the hail of bullets. Usually impossible, but with the implementation of the time mechanic, all you have to do is stop moving for a second to be able to take in your surrounding and come up with a good strategy. It still has all of the fun and destructive weapons from Quake, so why not have a good time blowing enemies to bits.

Download the prototype jam on Moddb.

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