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SUPERHOT ARENA is a top-down survival arcade shooter developed by mykyerdata on the ModDB website for the #MAKEITSUPERHOT Competition. The goal of the game is to see how many of the red enemies you can take out before they eventually take you out. No time limit, one-hit kill on everything, weapons and bullets galore. How long you last is up to your quick reactions and uses of the available resources.

All guns have an ammo limit. Once you’re empty, that is all you get out of the gun. Your only choice is to throw your gun at the nearest enemy and take his weapon. That is, if you can weave your way through the swarm of bullets and don’t forget that empty guns that you throw explode. Very useful, unless you accidentally get to close and end up blowing your own character to bits, but if you can pull it off it is a really useful weapon.

Speaking of weapons, you have a selection of weapons that you can take from the enemy. Shotguns, machine guns, rockets. They all have limited ammo, but there are more than enough to kill anything that moves. You can also make things easy by using the SUPERHOT time mechanic. Stop moving for a second and things start to slow down and give you a moment to breathe and take in the situation. A relatively simple game, but with hours of replayabilitiy and a lot of fun. Good for anyone that is looking to spend a few hours mowing down waves and waves of enemies.

Download the prototype jam game on Moddb.

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