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For the past couple of months, ModDB had teamed up with the creators of SUPERHOT to make the #MAKEITSUPERHOT Competition. The goal was to get content creators to make something, whether it be a mod for a game, some artwork, or an entire game that was based on the popular game, SUPERHOT. That competition has recently ended and the winners have been posted. In 3rd place was a 2D top-down pixellated version of SUPERHOT called SUPERHOT 8bit, created by ModDB user KamilWdowczyk.

The gameplay is exactly that of SUPERHOT, where time only moves when you move. Any other time, it is slowed down drastically, allowing you to take in the situation and react accordingly. Your goal is to kill everyone on the level to progress to the next one. Even with the new perspective of top-down, all of the weapons can be used in the exact same way you would use them in SUPERHOT. Punch the enemies to have them drop their weapons and catch them in midair so you can use the weapon against them. Use items you find in the environment to help protect yourself from enemies or to block a bullet that would have otherwise been your doom. If you have a sword and are up against a few people with guns, you can chop the bullets out of the air so long as they are close enough. Nothing is lost of the experience from the original game.

There are three levels to the main game and the endless survival mode. Just getting through each level will require strategy and good use of your environment. You can’t afford a single hit. If that happens, it is back to the beginning of the level where you will need to re-think your strategy. The new perspective helps as there are few enemies that will be able to sneak up on you, but that doesn’t mean that you are any less in danger. You will need everything at your disposal to be able to take out everyone that you meet.

Download the #MAKEITSUPERHOT prototype jam mod on moddb.

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