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SUPERHOT added a new concept to the first-person shooter gameplay by slowing down the gameplay when you aren’t moving or shooting enemies. It allows you to take a look around you and plan your attack while also making for a hell of a replay when they play it back at the end in real time. It has been so inspirational, that the creators have made a contest to see who can make the 2nd most intuitive shooter in years called the #MAKEITSUPERHOT competition. One of these entries is called SUPERHOOK where they take the gameplay element of slowing down time and gives you a grappling hook. You fly around the handful of levels shooting and beating enemies while also dodging shots that are coming right toward ya. Although, with what is given, there are also things taken away as the only movement option you have for  your character is the grappling hook. You are unable to move otherwise, so you have to plan your swings very carefully as not to throw yourself into enemy fire.

The weapons you have available mostly comprise of guns. You are a machine gun, pistol, and shotgun. Of course, the bullets inside of them aren’t the only thing that the guns are useful for as you can chuck that hard enough to smash an enemy or use the weapon as a quick shield to block a shot that would otherwise, take your head off. You can also punch an enemy and steal his weapons or beat everything to pieces with a bat. Even though there are only a hand-full of levels available in the current prototype, with the grappling hook, there are a multitude of ways to complete each level and look bad-ass doing so. Also, there isn’t a single game that doesn’t look good with the glass aesthetic that the enemies and the environments share which makes the game stunning to look at. With it just being a prototype currently, it makes one excited to see how the end product will look once more content is added.

Download the game jam prototype build on Moddb.

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Footage by Tyler Shu

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