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SUPER HOP is an entry for the MAKEITSUPERHOT game jam, where participants were instructed to develop a game that was inspired by any chosen aspect of the game SUPERHOT. This could be anything from art style to game mechanics, or even something as simple as the UI. SUPER HOP sets up several scenarios where the player must complete a puzzle with set limitations for each one. This FPS shooter puzzle game gives you a gun, tells you the rules, and let’s you figure it out on your own. Each room is set up like a simulation, and the player will navigate the map and eliminate targets using only what the initial directions dictate.

A typical puzzle entails eliminating targets before they eliminate you as the foundation. Your player can run, shoot and jump, however jumping will usually bring about a sort of super slow-mo almost time freeze (it’s hard to tell sometimes), giving the player a few moments to line up their shots. Timing is only one part of setting up a kill shot, but another contributing factor is that your torso only moves in a 180 degree arc, so if you’re facing three targets ahead, but there’s one behind you, you’ll need to wait til you land first, then attempt to act quickly enough before you’re taken out. Iron sight aiming allows for precision when firing of course, but most of the time you’re only limited to one chance of pulling the gun for precision aiming. After you return to normal view, you can’t raise the gun again so make it count the first time! There are a handful of types of rules implemented across these increasingly-complex levels, making for a really challenging puzzle shooter.

Download the mod demo on moddb.

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