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Better prepare to saddle up for this exciting 2v2 multiplayer game. Except you aren’t going to be riding horses. You will be riding pigs. Your objective is to capture a single chicken faster than your opponents can. That is the basis for the 3D co-op multiplayer, Super Chicken Catchers, developed by the students at ISART DIGITAL.

You play as one of two characters. You are either the Farmhand that is equipped with a yo-yo and a gyro pack or you play as the Farmhand’s quick and maneuverable steed,t he Hog. The Hog has several maneuverability options that it has access to like a dash, a quick turn, and can drift. Apart, these abilities are limited and chances are you will not be able to get to that chicken before your opponent. But, you can mount your Hog and combine the abilities. Even when carrying the Farmhand, the Hog still has full access to his abilities and the same goes to the Farmhand. You can use these abilities in combo to help move quicker to your objective.

What you usually can do is jump in the air using the Farmhands gyro pack and dash in the air. This gives you a lot more speed and furthers how long you can avoid touching the ground. Each time a team gets a chicken to the goal, they get a point. Get the most points in a set amount of time and your team wins. Pretty simple, but it has some deep amount of strategy and would help to be in communication with your partner. With the silly character and the fun aesthetics, this game is a blast to play with a bunch of friends.

Download the student game on itch.

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