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So if you’ve ever thought it would be rad to take a choo-choo train into space, your dreams have come true. Many kids imagine such a scenario, as they love trains and outer space, it’s only natural to develop such a desire. This might be a silly premise for a 2D top down story-driven exploration game, but it gets heavy quick. You think driving a locomotive in space is easy? Well it might be, if you weren’t being attacked by other space trains. You can even converse with a storm if you’d like, not sure how beneficial that would be but this is entirely possible in Sunless Skies. Why wouldn’t it be? It takes place in the Fallen London universe, which is anything but mundane.

Before you hop in the conductor’s seat and chug your way into the cosmos, you should know that you have a few options when taking on your role as a space explorer. In Sunless Skies, you choose your origin, affiliations and ambition. You might decide that you’re a condemned scientist who keeps the company of villainous characters and has their sights set on taking the throne from Queen Victoria. The heavens are your… apple? I think that’s the saying that means you can go to space and take a big bite, metaphorically of course. You might not want to eat space, you’ll probably suffocate and die. Speaking of which, is that train sealed with a life support system installed?

Sign up for the alpha on the game’s website.

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