Subaeria – Alpha Access

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Subaeria is a top-down twin-stick action adventure rogue-like game, taking place in a city that’s plunged deep under the sea where you play as a variety of characters with a robot companion throughout its adventure, facing deadly security robots that are out to get you because you lost all of your credit. Yes that’s the life one has to live with in the game’s world.

What’s great about the game aside from its beautiful visuals is that they way you defend yourself and progress through the game, is by making the robots in a level destroy themselves or each other by confronting them with lasers or other robots that’s not of the same color.

Another interesting and alluring part of the game is its world and story alongside its characters and the overall design. Speaking of story, one of the endings for one of the characters really hit us emotionally even though it was a short journey.

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