Streets of Rogue – Alpha Download

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Everybody secretly wants to be a huge rampaging ape. Streets of Rogue is “the world’s only” RPG rogue-like (specifically rogue-lite) top-down fast-paced action stealth shooter brawler co-op “megagame”, that’s all about player choice and awesome anarchic fun, the freedom of playing the game however you want with so little rules and restrictions to go by.

The game takes inspirations from games like Binding of Isaac, Nuclear Throne and even Deus Ex. The game will provide you with freedom of choice where you can kill or not kill anyone, hack computers or have a party, whatever tickles your pixel fancy. Play in a randomly generated world with gameplay combined with content variety to last for hundreds of hours, and that’s impressive. Also, there’s 2-player co-op mode on top of all of this so double the fun!

Download the alpha build here.

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