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One has to make the ledge to latch on to, or use a magical spear, whichever works. StoneHeart is a 2D adventure platformer where you play as a humanoid with spiritual powers wielding a mystical bow and arrow, used to traverse the world you’re in.

It’s a simple yet appealing game that carries innovation towards the platforming genre with the use of its traversal mechanics, where you fire arrows to other platforms to then use your ability to quickly transport yourself to each arrow you’ve fired, enabling you to advance and reach areas that you couldn’t have gone to without this using this mechanic.

Combined with the great level design created specifically to utilize your powers to its fullest extent, as well as how great the game’s art style looks, that reminds me of Outland and Apotheon somehow, makes for a fun and interesting adventure.

Download the student game on DigiPen’s website.

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