Steel Hunters, Alpha Sign Up

Steel Hunters, Alpha Sign Up

Steel Hunters is an exciting world where intelligent computing meets vicious warrior games. It that has alpha sign-ups live over at their game’s website.

In Steel Hunters, you have complete control over humanity’s greatest and ultimate invention with high technological advancements that’s designed for one purpose only: war.

Earth is abandoned. That’s the atmosphere we’re aiming for. When you’re not fighting, we want you to feel that eerie awe exploring your surrounding.

It’s a third-person online multiplayer game in which you and up to three other players control mechs to hunt down robotic adversaries. During combat, you can improve your vehicle which can be both looted and destroyed. Airdrops and consumables are considered to be unique and are the most valuable in battle. You are also able to use vision and radio detection mechanics to locate opponents.

If you find this game interesting and would like to keep up to date with its development, then make sure to check out and follow their Twitter account.


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