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Competitive local games have a certain charm to them. Playing with friends is always a lot of fun and you can make some fond memories in cooperative play, but there is no better joy than screwing them over to take the gold at the end. You can get this exact feeling from ThreeBones’ newest competitive third-person multiplayer, SteamForce. You have to make your way through the steampunk trap-land and make it alive to the exit. You race the other players and the first player to get to the end wins the match.

Now, the gameplay is set around puzzles that you have to solve to get to the next room. They are usually filled with traps that will try to stop your progress. You get hit once, you die and have to start from the start of the room, so you have to be careful. There are a plethora of traps that you will encounter, like the standard buzzsaw or crusher to the unique and interesting moving bombs and a trap I like to call Killer Saturn. You’ll know it when you see it.

The character choice at the beginning is very important as they all have their own unique stats. The small character is very quick, but their jump is very small while the biggest character moves very slowly, but has the highest jump out of the bunch, which will allow you to make up the difference from your slow movement speed. The character choice can change up how you approach these puzzles and how you come to solve them, so you get to choose how you want to go through it, so you can choose how you leave your friends in the dust and escape from this perilous prison.

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