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Usually when you think of a First-Person multiplayer game, you think of something like Call of Duty or Battlefield. A game where the objective is to kill the players on the other team. In Staying Alive, one team is trying to kill themselves while the other team is trying to keep that from happening. The team that is trying to take their own lives are old patients at a hospital that just want to pain and suffering to end. The other team that is trying to keep them from doing that are the nurses.

Each match is 10 minutes long for each team to score as many points as possible. The old men simply have to die in whatever way they can to get a point for their team. The nurses have to keep them from doing this and get these people to the isolation rooms to gain points. Whether you die or are caught and put into isolation, the player will respawn a few moments later to keep playing. If you have played Who’s Your Daddy, this is very similar to that game.

The old men have several different ways that they can earn points. They can find metal objects and stick that into electric sockets to electrocute themselves to death. They can find several objects and combine them to create a deadly combination of poisons or simply set yourself on fire. So long as you are exposed to any of these long enough for your health to run down, you will get a point for your team. Now, the nurses have several tools to stop the other team. There are pills and medical kits to help cure poison as well as make the patient regain any lost health. You can find a fire extinguisher to keep someone from burning to death and a few other items to prevent any suicides. Your main tool is going to be the syringe of tranquilizer. Hitting any of the patients with this will put them to sleep for a time and allow you to control their wheelchairs, so you can move them to the isolation rooms or just get them out of a dangerous location.

There is quite a bit of strategy that can go into this and someone is always going to be occupied with someone else. You have to be smart, sneaky, and quick to be able to perform the action needed to get your team the points to win.

Download the alpha demo on Steam.

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